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 Russian Media Pokes Fun at Yanukovych and Putin Meeting

On Monday Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Visited his Russian Counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Kommersant journalist Andrey Kolesnikov reports:

"...The room where the meeting of Putin and Yanukovych started was separated by a screen. There were two artmchairs by the fireplace and the premises were divided by a screen behind which a dinner was to be held.
- "Thank you for coming," said Putin on the way.
Instead of answering Yanukovych sighed deeply.
- "I came," he said "to make the break not so long (nobody knows what he meant). To make it shorter. And to make sure that everything is eye on eye (Yanukovych is known for poor spoken skills). And I want to congratulate you on your 60th birthday. I want to tell you that after 60 years life does not change! (Yanukovych is 62)
Then, probably thinking that it does not sound optimistic he added:
- "Life becomes more beautiful." (especially if it was beautiful before. And especially if you are a President)
- "And we'll talk about gas!" remembered Yanukovych.
- "Yes, we'll talk about gas," calmed Putin.
Ukrainian President does have reasons to worry: "North Flow" is detouring Ukraine in full swing.
The negotiations ended with the signing of two agreements: on readmission and expanding trade. Both Presidents made statements regarding full and more than full understanding.
- "We will strive for reduction of political dialogue."
After a long thought he added:
- "No. For maintaining!"
Ukrainian President said that Ukraine wants to find a fair price formula.
Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov said: "I told Lavrov (Foreign Minister) right when I heard it - is this price not fair? We explained to them that Eastern European countries pay more for their gas! There is nothing new here. It is obvious that they needed this visit - before the elections."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n221301