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 Firtash Wants to Put Yanukovych's Crown on Klitschko but Tymoshenko Will Still Be President, Shkiryak

Leader of 'New Kyiv' Zoryan Shkiryak is confident that Vitali Klitschko and his party are played by oligarchs.

"If I was Klitschko, I would bow to Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, and Tyagnybok for their patience, open and honest political position and sincere intentions regarding the uniting which allowed his ratings to grow during the past 8 months. They trusted him and he was buying time. The Strike's popularity is note measured by oppositionism level or political activities, or a real struggle against the regime. It is determined, first of all, by certain disorientation of the voters, secondly, by a lack of alternative, and thirdly, by the popularity of a great boxer. That's all. There are plenty of people disappointed in everyone. And here comes someone else who happens to be champion with a world renown name. Batkivschyna always talked about real partnership. But neither Vitali nor Strike talk about immediate impeachment to Yanukovych, immediate release of Tymoshenko, revoking of shameful Regions' reforms, etc. All their statements are declarative and non-specific," said Shkiryak.

Commenting on the supposition that the ratings are growing since there are no sharp statements and that everything is moderate, Shkiryak said: "It is too early to talk about ratings. The elections did not take place yet. Sometimes it seems that Strike is already euphoric based on the polls published by the media. And what moderate statements you are talking about if the country is ruled by a criminal junta and Ukraine is on the verge of destruction as an independent state. You need to understand that opposition is not a word but a corresponding action. And Vitali does has never had it and never will. I would love to be mistaken but I am confident that there is a game and he and the party are imposed things by third parties..." said Shkiryak, noting that not everyone will be bold enough to name names.

"Since I am not a candidate I can probably do it. Most probably it is oligarchs like Horoshkovskiy, Firtash, partially Pinchuk and others. These people stake on Klitschko and want to take Yanukovych's crown and put it on Klitschko. They will dump Yanukovych."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n221250