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 Free Trade Area With EU is Better for Ukraine than Customs Union with Russia, Former Canadian Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister of Canada says that Ukraine will benefit more from joining deep and comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU that the Customs Union with Russia.

Former Canadian Prime Minster and the head of international consulting Council of Ukrainian Fund of Efficient Management Kim Campbell noted that the Free Trade Area with EU is better for Ukraine than the Customs Union with Russia since it imposes no obligations in regard to political standards," reports Interfax.

"A country wishing to join the EU receives a carrot and a stick - in other words European legislation has to be implemented, difficult reforms have to be implemented," she added.

"The question is whether it (Association Agreement with the EU) will be signed and whether it will be implemented. It is crucial for Ukraine. In that case Ukraine may identify itself with Europe and have good relations with Russia. Free Trade Area with Europe excludes the Customs Union with Russia. But it does not exclude good relations," she stressed.

In this regard the politician noted that she "would like to see Ukraine a member of the EU. But a long path is ahead to do that and many changes have to made. But I will welcome cooperation with the European Union and I hope that a Free Trade Area Agreement will advance because I think that the it will be the moving force behind the reforms, changes and political development in Ukraine," she underlined.

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