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 Dnipropetrovsk State Employees are Forced to Vote for Ruling Party

Relatives of state employees of Krasnohvardeyskyy district of Dnipropetrovsk oblast claim that their relative are being made to vote for the Party of Regions.

Employees of Social services territorial center claim that they were forced to provide written statements regarding the support of the ruling party in these elections and provide their personal information. Opposition demands that the law enforcement deals with the situation. Meanwhile the administration denies pressuring the subordinates saying that people must have misunderstood something, reports Radio Liberty.

An employee of the territorial center who is afraid of revealing her name says that on Thursday about 15 employees were called on by the administration and made to write acknowledgements that they and their families will vote for the Party of Regions. In case of refusal they were threatened with dismissal from job. They were also made to state their addresses and contact information of their closed ones. The employee says: the people signed them fearing dismissal.

"The management came, brought the papers for us to write our full names, addresses, who lives with us and sign that we will vote for the Party of Regions. All those living with us have to vote for the Party of Regions. They threatened big trouble (if they don't yield). We are state employees - there is no freedom here. We complained, hesitated but we singed them. It must be an order from higher up. But what is the point of complaining if it was ordered from higher up? I know that the EMS has the same, the schools do, too. All government employees are being pressured," stated the woman.

Head of social services center Tetyana Kushura denies the allegations. She said that she was not present at that meeting but she is certain that no one was forced to fill out or sign any applications.

District council also says that there were no orders to gather any applications/acknowledgements. May be the employees misunderstood their management.

"May be somebody was in a wrong mood and misunderstood what was said. There is a voting station in the center's territory, how can they campaign there? May be someone expressed his or her opinion," said the head of district council social services Iryna Sytnik.

Social workers have referred for help to attorneys of the opposition's community liaison office.

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