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 There Will Be No Opposition Majority in New Rada, Says the Head of Klitschko HQ

Klitschko's party Strike states that opposition [parties will not be able to create a majority in the new Verkhovna Rada.

The opinion was expressed by head of Strike's election campaign Vitaliy Kovalchuk. He states that the reason for that is the unsuccessful negotiations regarding the plurality candidates.

ZN.UAquotes Kovalchuk: "Today it is improbable. Due to various reasons including 'successful' negotiations. Both parties are at fault that they have not agreed. But there is a limit for reasonable compromise. IF someone is trying to persuade that everything has to be done at our expense it is not right."

According to him, a demonstrative example is the negotiations regarding plurality candidates in Kyiv. "Why does Batkivschyna talk to Strike like an older brother? They started negotiations when our rating was 2.5 times lower but dear partners, the ratings have changed. We have comparable ratings. Moreover, theirs are at standstill but ours are growing. It is a fact," underlined Kovalchuk.

Moreover he expressed confidence that the Strike will become an alternative to the Party of Regions in the nearest years and that his political party will not create a majority together with the Communists and the Party of Regions.

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