Russia Has No Armaments to Re-equip its Black Sea Fleet

Chairman of State Duma Committee on Defense Volodymyr Komoyedov states that Russia has not yet re-equipped its Fleet since it cannot complete negotiations with Ukraine and has nothing to re-equip it with.

During a round table Komoyedov who commanded the Black Fleet in 1998-2002 stated" "There is a hold up with the re-equipment of the Black Fleet. Probably a general one because there is nothing to re-equip it with." He also expressed skepticism regarding the announced plans to supply submarines to the Black Fleet laid down in St. Petersburg. "They laid it down but is it ready? And if it was ready there will be problems any way. Which? There is a law that provisions 100 ships and 25 thousand people."

He reminded that Ukraine is demanding to conclude a supplement agreement for re-equipment. "We need to negotiate with Ukraine and the supplement agreements, I think there are 18 of them, are not ready yet." He also explained that the last re-equipment took place when he was in command: "We transferred missile hoover ship Samum and two SU-24s. And that's all." He said that Ukraine is blocking the renewal of the fleet and makes demands. "We need the supplement agreement but there is nothing for it," concluded Komoyedov.

Russia is planning to build six modern submarines to increase the tactical efficiency of the Black Fleet.

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