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 Strike is an Interesting Party: We are Asking if They Are With Regime or Opposition and They Just Mumble, Pavlovskiy

The Strike party has no clear answer as to who it will cooperate with in Verkhovna Rada of XII calling.

In an interview to NBN, BYuT deputy Andriy Pavlovskiy said: "The Strike is an interesting part, it does not say anything specific. Neither the Strike nor Klitschko. They could say: we will work with the Party of Regions. People would know then. No, they say they will work with Batkivschyna and Svoboda but they do not confirm it with actions. They just mumble! We demand a clear answer - are they going to be with the opposition or with Yanukovych and we still don't have an answer. It's unclear - a night is ahead, may be tomorrow something will become clear," said Pavlovskiy.

In his opinion the unwillingness of Vitali Klitschko to sign the declaration of creating the coalition with Batkivschyna and Svoboda in Verkhovna Rada is dictated by fear.

The declaration has nothing of the sort - it contains nine basic principles and they are afraid to sign even that because it clearly shows who are you with - the opposition or the regime. But the Strike has no clear answer to that," said the deputy.

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