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 Starting Today, Private Security Can Use Weapons and Detain Suspects

Starting today, employees of private security companies can use special means as well as detain suspected perpetrators.

The new law On Security Activities regulates the actions, Kommersant reports.

According to the document, the guards will have the right to purchase and use 'special means' the list of which will be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. The companies say that it will include pepper sprays, rubber truncheons, tasers, air guns and rifles. "The right to use them is very important for us since previously our people went to work empty-handed," said a source in Kiev Security Group.

Moreover, the guards will now have the right to detain suspects, check IDs, and search people's things. After the detainment they have to call the police and pass the detained to them. At that the guards are not required to show their IDs.

"There are many peculiarities here," says lawyer Anton Kravchenko. "Unlike the police, the detainment procedure for the security guards is not specified. The law does not even regulate the time period for which the person can be detained until the police arrives." At the same time the new document will put an end to the use of private security in hostile business takeovers.

"We are not yet ready to comment what will change for us with the document coming into force," said a source in the UFM Security Group. "We have worked successfully without it but I think we will benefit from our rights and obligations being clearly regulated."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n220811