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 Person Responsible for the Flop with American Family on Regions Advertisement Was Punished. From Now On Only Ukrainian Families.

Olena Bondarenko, deputy and VIP-campaigner of the Party of Regions said that from now on her party will use only Ukrainian families for advertisement.

In an interview to Glavkom she said: "In any advertisement campaign as a rule the pictures that reflect the essence of the offer the most are taken from a photo-bank. We had Ukrainian families in our personal photo-bank and I liked them more. Why they did not use them - I don't know. Now having the experience of that flop they try to use only images of Ukrainian families, Ukrainian citizens for billboards or leaflets in the election campaign."

Bondarenko also said that the person responsible for the flop with the American family was punished. "I will not provide any details, though," she added.

"I can only say that anyone who would be present for example on HQ or communication department meeting would certainly be surprised by the the level of criticism that we express to ourselves. It is much higher than the one expressed by journalists and political experts. Self-criticism is a required condition for success, for competitive ability of any political power," said Bondarenko.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n220665