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 Azarov Came to Zaporizhya to Campaign for Stability and Explained What is Bothering and Hitting Him

The chairman of the Party of Regions and Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov promised Zaporizhya residents that the bridge across Dnipro in their city will be fully operational in 2013.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, during a meeting with Zaporizhya Car Plant workers Azarov said: "This year the first cars will drive across the bridge and next year it will be fully operational," said Azarov."

He noted that he is now in Zaporizhya as a leader of the Party of Regions: "I am on vacation today and I came to campaign for stability in the country."

Azarov stated that the government of Ukraine is working in very strict conditions because of the world crisis and high gas prices. "I can tell you frankly, since I am on vacation, I don't have to think about my every word being analyzed by the press, I tell you - things are going tough, first of all due to world financial crisis, because it is hitting us, and hitting and hitting. It's easier to demolish than to build and we are building. Everyone is bothering us on all fronts but we continue doing our thing... The products of your 13 plants are given away to Russia for gas, because some girl signed an agreement," said Azarov.

Prime Minister once again promised that the housing and community amenities prices will not be raised.

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