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 Yatsenyuk: Yanukovych Shall be Impeached! New Rada will Have no Deputies that Sell Ukraine!

Batkivschyna leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk greeted the last Rada session saying it is time to gather stones.

According to Censor.NET, Yatsenyuk stated that previous Rada quality can be divided into 2 stages: "The first stage was when it had a democratic majority and second - when the Party of Regions gained majority, the so-called Yanukovych period which will end after the elections."

The politician noted that in the times of democratic majority Ukraine joined WTO, became a market economy, and ratified agreements with EU countries on the visa simplification.

"Democratic majority increased pensions and made a decision on Ukraine's European course, set the salary for deputies not for registering in Rada but for working," he said.

According to him, "the institution such as Verkhovna Rada ceased to exist after the presidential elections. Today it is a subdivision of Yanukovych's Presidential Administration."

Yatsenyuk reminded that Yanukovych's majority's "first decision was to present a part of Ukrainian territory to a foreign military base in Crimea."

Its second decision was to abandon independent Ukrainian security policy.

And the third one was "the appearance of 'dead souls' in Rada who traded their voting cards, traded themselves, sold Ukraine and sold themselves. This Rada during Yanukovych's rule turned into a market place with millions of dollars going around and Ukrainian votes traded by people who dare call themselves deputies."

Also, according to Yatsenyuk, this parliament made a decision regarding the allowance for Yanukovych and his clique in the amount of 4 million hryvnias a day (500,000 USD). This parliament increased the pension age by 5 years for 15 million Ukrainians and the introduction of the Tax Code destroyed 300,000 entrepreneurs and caused the passing of the record high deficit budget.

And now Ukrainians owe foreign creditors 2 times more that they used to.

"But it is time to gather stones. I am happy to say that the majority of those who sold Ukraine and traded its voted, cards, who destroyed the state will not be present in the next parliament. Next parliament will have a democratic majority," stated the politician.

Yatsenyuk addressed those who consider themselves future part of the democratic majority and reminded that Batkivschyna and Svoboda have already signed the agreement regarding future coalition in Verkhovna Rada:

"According to the agreement, the first decision passed by the new Rada will be that the President's chair is not above but below the people. For that a law on impeachment will be passed. We want to start the impeachment procedure of President Yanukovych. 2.5 years is enough. We will pass the law on the order of recalling a deputy, the law on criminal responsibility for voting with cards of other deputies and we will revoke the shameful language law!"

Moreover, he stated that the future majority will revoke the Tax Code and the Pension reform and will pass the Economic Growth Code and prolong the moratorium on land sale.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n220564