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 Poll Reveals that the Party of Regions Ads are the Most Irritating

A poll revealed that the ads of the Party of Regions were remembered by the majority of people - 66%. At that the majority of people called it annoying - 35% (more than any other party).

According to Ukrinform, political advertisement used by parties during this election campaign has not had substantial influence on vote distribution and changing the people's intentions to support a party. Its influence is acknowledged by 20% only.

Social and psychological expert of Social and Political Psychology Institute Pavlo Frolov noted that "the influence of political advertisement on the choice was to a certain degree acknowledged by 20% of the respondents. And this is considering the fact that 90% have seen and remember the ads."

He told the press that according to all Ukrainian poll conducted by his Institute jointly with Political Psychologists Association of Ukraine September 28 - October 7 the most sensitive to advertisement were supporters of Korolevka's Ukraine Ahead (Ukrayina Vpered) party. 42% acknowledged that it was the advertisement that influenced their choice. Such influence was a little less of a factor for the supporters of Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions - 34%.

The most mentions was by the Party of Regions - it was remembered by 66% while the other ads got much less: Strike - 39%, Communist Party - 34%, Our Ukraine - 12%, Svoboda - 7%.

Commenting on the people's attitude towards political advertisement during the election campaign 2012, Frolov noted that it mostly irritates people. Namely, only 1.3% said that they are not annoyed by ads of any party, 24% do not like any ads, i.e. 14% are annoyed by ads of any party.

The sociology expert informed that the ads that are more favored than cause annoyance are Strike's ads (18% like and 5% are annoyed). And the most irritating ads belong to the Party of Regions - 35% are annoyed and 16% like it.

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