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 Tymoshenko Gives Winning Recipe for Elections: One District - One Opposition Candidate

Opposition leader sent an address to the Party Congress where she noted that each district shall have only one opposition candidate, reports Censor.NET.

The press service publishes full text of her address:

"Dear friends!

I thank you for your devotion and perseverance in the struggle for Ukraine's liberation. For millions of people the United opposition has turned into a sun ray in the kingdom of darkness. I am profoundly proud of your bravery!

But today the Fatherland (Tymoshenko's party has the same name) requires wisdom and consideration no less that it requires bravery and energy.

Last year being in jail I called on my friends and comrades to stand together in the face of the terrible threat of complete loss of freedom, democracy, and independence. I believed then and I believe now that only maximum combination of efforts of all opposition powers will ensure a real chance to win the evil dictatorship. Last month's events have confirmed the truth of this idea. There is no time to hesitate.

There is no price too high that the opposition cannot pay for winning each plurality district. Each bayonet is vital in the future war against the mafia. Opposition will have no excuse if, due to ambitions of its soldiers it will suffer unacceptable losses before the fight even starts. Liberation fight means sacrifice. Sometimes in order for your platoon to win you don't need to cover the enemy's gun with your body. You just need to step aside and let the stronger one go first. But all this has to be public an fair. It can become a personal drama for some but without this sacrifice we cannot help a common tragedy. Our children do not have to pay for their parents' 'bills'.

I personally address the candidates that have to step down despite the long path behind them. Trust me, I understand. Believe me: I will never forget your noble deed . And the Fatherland will not forget you!

No more words. 'One District - One Opposition Candidate!' - that is our answer to the regime which is happy to see the opposition candidates turn on one another.

With sincere hopes for your wisdom...

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n220470