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 'Crap' from Yanukovych's Group on Language Law May Cause a Civil War, Says Kolesnichenko

The group that was refining the Language Law is proposing to make the procedure of acknowledging the language as the regional more complicated and increase the Ukrainian language quota on TV up to 75%.

According to Kommersant, on Friday the working group has affirmed the bill on the Changes to the Language Law and the state program concept on comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language.

The changes alterate the essence of the law. According to the document, the Ukrainian retains the status of the official language.

Its use is required in state and document management, the activities of state government bodies, armed forces, science, education, and advertisement. 75% quota of Ukrainian is set on national TV and radio channels.

The programs and movies produced in foreign languages must be dubbed, voiced or subtitled in the official language.

The new edition of the law regards the following languages as regional: Belorussian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Gagauz, Yiddish, Karaim, Crimean Tatar, Judeo-Crimean Tatar (Krymchak), Moldavian, German, Modern Greek, Polish, Rom, Russian, Romanian, Slovenian, and Hungarian.

It is stated that a state support can be provided for them only in case 30% of the people residing in a given area its native speakers.

The President of National Communities Council Illya Levitas thinks that the 30% quota does not protect the national minorities interests: "According to the current 10% quota, various minorities had a chance of regional acknowledgement. In case of the new amendments only Russian minority will be able to get acknowledgement."

The author of the Language Law Vadym Kolesnichenko who was in the working group thinks that the results of it are disastrous.

"The group was created to introduce amendments to my law. And its members are nothing shy of Ukrainophyles and they were initially set on the confrontation course and developed a completely new edition," said Kolesnichenko.

He called the document 'crap' and said that its passing 'may lead to a civil war'.

Despite the difference of opinion this edition was supported by the majority of the working group. After the final adaptation it will be passed to Raisa Bogatyreva for reporting to the President.

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