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 EU is Prepared to Suspend all Negotiations with Ukraine Until Democracy is Reinstated

The European Parliament discussed the situation in Ukraine.

The Vice President of the European People's Party and European MP Mario David has stated that Ukraine's political system is controlled by a single party. He added that according to the results of of EP's Foreign Affairs Committee discussion the European Union is concerned with the situation in Ukraine in light of the upcoming elections.

At that Mario David did not specify if the European Union is ready to give a legal evaluation of the elections.

"We are concerned about the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. People ask me whether we will implement any sanctions to Ukraine in case the elections are not free and transparent... I do nott want to judge whether the European Union will implement any sanctions to the Ukrainian government before the elections and there is really nothing to sanction. But we will definitely suspend all negotiations with it until democracy is reinstated," noted the European MP.

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