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 Yanukovych May Instigate the Emergence of Personal Data Black Market

EDAPS (ID making corporation) management is one step away from gaining total control over strictly accountable document production in Ukraine for a long time as well as issuing documents to tens of millions of Ukrainians.

According to the article of Yuryy Butusov "Hrytsak Sways Yanukovych to Passport Scam?", the law on Demographic Register passed by Verkhovna Rada contemplates the creation of the single information telecommunication system that will contain all information about a person with civil rights in Ukraine and his personal bio-metric data contained in the electronic chip.

"It seems that it is a good idea that complies with the European standards of passport production but the problem with the law on Demographic Register is that the financial schemes of robbing the citizens which are input in the mechanism of passport production and sale. And the fact that access to confidential personal data of citizens is gained by a commercial entity headed by people with criminal past, 'heroes' of numerous corruption scandals in Ukraine and abroad," writes the author.

Thus, the author notes that if the head of state signs this law it will mean the following:

- Yanukovych decided to completely entrust the production of strictly accountable documents to EDAPS consortium instead of the state;

- the state loses 960 million of budget funds spent on purchasing and installing the equipment for the production of strictly accountable documents in the Ukraine Printing and Publishing;

- EDAPS will gain the ability to further increase the price for strictly accountable forms;

- complete database on all Ukrainian citizens will be in the hands of a commercial entity which may lead to the creation of the data black market.

The journalist concludes that "at that, in signing the President does not take into account the protests and objections of related ministries and agencies - the Ministry of Justice, the Presidential Administration, and the Committee on Economic Reforms."

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