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 Korolevska's Brother Accused of Swindling in Moscow

Former Moscow government official Konstantin Korolevskiy is accused of swindling and abuse of office in implementation of People's Garage program.

According to Interfax, the Investigation Committee released the following statement: Korolevskiy is accused of committing crimes described in part 4, article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (swindling) and item c of part 3, article 286 (abuse of office). His colleague Alexander Levchenko faces the charges of abuse of office.

According to the investigation the officials, "organized the approval and signing of the acts of completion reports under supplement agreements meant for the construction of garages-parking spaces located at various Moscow addresses that contained false information on the work conducted by the contractor. As a result budget funds in the amount of 90 million rubles (2,895,300 USD) were illegally transferred to Management of Experimental Construction Closed Joint Stock Company," says the statement. In June 2006 this company concluded a state contract with the department for the construction of garages-parking spaces.

"It was signed by Levchenko while Korolevskiy has previously been one of the charter members of the company. The work under the contract has been conducted in full by December 25, 2006. "However, Levchenko and Korolevskiy knowing about additional funds allocated for the People's Garage program illegally prolonged the terms of the contract until December 2007," says the document.

According to the investigation, they hired a subcontractor and changed the contract to make the cost dependent on the direct executor of construction. "Thus the total cost was increased by over 90 million rubles. The actual price constituted 30 million rubles (about 1 million USD)," reads the statement of the Investigation Committee. They also noted that the term for the investigation was so long due to numerous experts and the necessity for legal help from Ukraine, Greece and Cypress.

Konstantin Korolevskiy is a brother of Ukraine Ahead party leader Natalia Korolevska.

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