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 Yanukovych Wants to Be Re-Elected by His Majority in Rada

All United opposition deputies have pledged to vote for Yanukovych's impeachment since the longer his regime is in power the worse it gets.

Batkivschyna press service cites Hrytsenko who once again stresses that Yanukovych wants three votings in Verkhovna Rada:

"First - the law on selling land. They want to steal 40.5 million hectares of land, buy it from people for a song, because the set price - 300 USD per hectare is nothing. You cannot even buy a scooter for that." The politician noted that in Europe land costs 20,000 euro per hectare. Regular people cannot buy the land. "It will be bought by Azarov, Yanukovych, Klyuyev, Firtash, Akhmetov, etc. There are people who have never seen the land. They think that bread grows in the supermarket, and they just want to sit in their Donetsk or Yenakiyevo and see their profits on the computer screen. They don't care how the people live in the village," said Hrytsenko.

Second voting that Yanukovych is looking forward to is the revocation of the deputy immunity with the President's one remaining. "This is done to ensure that nobody touches Yanukovych in his Mezhygirya and any deputy who dares to criticize the regime will go to jail," he explained.

Third voting that Yanukovych craves is that the President will not be elected by the people. "Yanukovych wants to rule forever and to be re-elected by Chechetov in parliament," noted the politician. He explained that this is why it is important for the opposition to obtain majority in the parliament. "Only a majority an make decisions. It can dismiss the government, the Attorney General, appoint pre-scheduled elections of local authorities that does not listen to its constituents. The majority passes the budget that can work for the country. That is why our program can be implemented only in one case - when we have the majority in parliaments," underlined Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

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