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 Azarov to Russia: We Will Stop Buying Anything From You

Russia risks losing Ukraine as its largest gas consumer.

The statement was made by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during a meeting with local authorities in Kryvyi Rih, reports Interfax.

"During negotiations with our Russian partners we told them: think about it, you are receiving temporary profit from that treacherous agreement (of 2009). But it is a temporary benefit because you are losing your largest buyer. Sooner or later a moment will come when we will not buy anything at this price," he said.

"Why are you putting us in such hard position and receiving temporary benefits? You are making us spend huge amounts of money on prospecting and production of our own deposits of gas and oil, on switching to alternative technology. These actions are certainly long overdue but it could have been postponed and we would not have to not pull the resources for it now. Sooner or later we will solve this problem of course," added the Prime Minister.

According to Azarov the gas prices determine the environment of Ukrainian-Russian relations but if you look at the perspective they should be "partner, friendly relations for hundreds of years to come and this is our strategy".

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