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 We Have Not Seen Such Banditism Even in 2004, Says Shkiryak

The leader of the New Kyiv civil group, representative of the United opposition Zoryan Shkiryak stated that the regime is losing these parliamentary elections and the resulting fear of it is making the Party of Regions headquarters resort to dirtier and more ruthless methods.

According to Shkiryak, the campaign has entered its final and the most ruthless phase which looks more like a real war.

"It is obvious that the regime is losing the elections. And I am not talking about shady polls from the President's 'experts' that is being poured on us from TV. The best sociology is talking to people. And the truth is simple - people hate the regime. And this tendency is prevailing in the Eastern Ukraine, too. And it is the fear of losing in the future elections that makes Yanukovych and Co resort to dirtier and more ruthless methods," said Shkiryak.

"Everything that is happening now is a testament of the regime's impotence and its unlimited ruthlessness. That is why they act through bribery, threats, blackmailing, political terror and smear campaigns. There was not so much dirt even in 2004. Greediness and fear drive Yanukovych crazy. They turned the county into a Burundi with 80% of the people below poverty level. For almost three years they have been blaming everything on their predecessors, lying to the people and manipulating the public opinion. But Ukrainians are not stupid. They see and understand everything. That is why the Regions are up for a big surprise on these elections," claimed the leader of the New Kyiv.

Shkiryak stated that presently all front projects of the Bankova (Presidential Administration) that the oligarchs invested hundreds of millions of dollars which were meant for dissolving opposition votes have burst. Yushchenko's Our Ukraine, Korolevska's Ahead, people with pitchforks (Lyashko), and other pseudo opposition have failed. That is why the Regions are hysterical. That is why all TV programs are overrun with smear campaigns against the opposition leaders. They arrange provocations and show their own polls resorting to any means in their fight against the opposition."

Nevertheless, Zoryan Shkiryak says that the Ukrainian society is prepared to react accordingly to this lawlessness.

"I have no doubt that the Party of Regions is preparing massive fraud in Ukraine. It is a fundamental truth. But whatever they do, the real opposition - Batkivschyna and Svoboda will win the upcoming elections. We call on the international community to keep a watchful eye on the Ukrainian elections. If it is necessary people will take to the streets and we will do everything we can to defend our victory and not let the regime to corrupt the people's choice," concluded the politician.

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