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 Head of the European Observers: 'I Haven't Seen Anything Like This in Any Other Country'

The head of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO) Peter Navotny says he is disturbed by the number of violations in the Ukrainian elections.

The peculiarities of the Ukrainian elections include a large number of front candidates and parties, and changes of the members of the electoral commissions, stated head of the ENEMO Peter Novotny in an interview to Focus.

"I have never seen such number of front candidates and parties, candidate doubles as well as changes of the commission members in any country. It is something unusual and unique in my practice," said the observer.

Among the main violations he named the use of administrative resources. He noted that Odessa oblast in particular is where
development is being used for personal campaign by the pro government candidates (according to the observers the state program "People's Budget" intended for infrastructure).

Moreover, frequent change of election commission members makes the election process less transparent and leads to lack of political balance. Particularly, ENEMO recorded a fact when the representatives of one candidate filed member applications from 10 different parties.

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