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 Opposition: Regime is Preparing Another Smear Campaign on the First National Channel

Opposition's HQ found out that front candidates from pro-government parties are planning a smear campaign that will take up most of the advertisement slots on the First Channel next week.

As we were informed by the opposition, "the information in this regard came from journalists working on the Channel. According to their information, the frontmen for the ruling party are buying up ads on the First National Channel (UT-1) all the way to the end of the election campaign."

United opposition is confident that these frontmen are acting on direct orders from the Presidential Administration.

"They are being used because that is what they were created for. It is indicative that all smear campaigns are aimed at Batkivschyna. It means only one thing - the regime is afraid of the United opposition and it is trying to confuse people to have the oportunity to continue robbing the country and build 'improvement' for the Family and Yanukovuch clan," noted the opposition.

"United opposition addresses the management of UT-1 to stop the provocation before it commences and to forbid using the state channel as a sesspool for lies. This demand expands to the management of the State Committee on Television and Radio. However, most importantly, we address the Presidential Administration demnding that they call back the candidates they sicked on the opposition since it is obvious who is standing behind these dummies," noted Batkivschyna.

The opposition also called on the people to "not believe dirty slurs maniacally published by the regime on the daily basis." Batkivshyna also drew the attention of international observers to the information provocations by the ruling party on the state channel.

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