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 Azarov: Our Eggs Became Cheaper

According to Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in 2.5 years of government's work the consumer price index has increased by only 10%.

The Prime Minister made the statement at a government meeting, reports the Economic Pravda.

"I would like to stress it - 2.5 years. This is twice less than in just 2008 (when inflation constituted 22.3%). We did not just stopped price hikes but we have ensured substantial price drop for numerous foods," said Azarov.

According to him, despite seasonal fluctuations since the beginning of the year the eggs became 28% cheaper, vegetables - 21%, milk - 11%, rice - 9%, butter - 8%, sugar - 6%, cheese - 5.6%.

"The government has a whole arsenal of means that allow us to smooth seasonal price fluctuations at the cost of reserves, stores, work with retail chains, regulation of trade extra charges," said the Prime Minister.

In September 2012 Ukraine had an inflation of 0.1%. Recently National Bank Council Chairman Ihor Prasolov stated that deflation harms the Ukrainian economy more than inflation.

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