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 Aryev: Police Has an Order Not to Arrest Caravan Shooter Before October 25-27

People are starting to call the epic story of the Caravan shooter the first reality show in Ukraine.

Deputy Volodymyr Aryev writes on his Facebook page that "for some reason this show is happening right before the elections."

In his opinion the behavior of the police is a testament to the fact that they have an order - not to catch him but to drag time. "To make sure that until October 28 people discuss this news TV series and not the corrupted regime. It is a typical method of switching attention. Simple and cynical. They will catch him on October 25-27. Around this time they will also finish all ongoing constructions in the yards, turn the hot water back on, etc. Everything to 'improve' life. After artificially making it worse," thinks the deputy.

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