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 'Russia is Waging Information War Against Ukraine,' Ex-Head of Military Intelligence

Russia is waging information war against Ukraine as a country but the government is not smart enough and has no political will to stand up against Moscow.

At his Kyiv press conference former head of Military Intelligence of Ukraine and former head of Viktor Yushchenko's security Oleksandr Skypalskyy stated: "Ukraine is barely standing having no power to stand up to the ideology."

"There is a threat of the country's essence being changed coming from the North East. For the past 20 years we have been living in the state of war that our Northern neighbor is waging and it has not stopped," agreed former head of the MFA Volodymyr Ohryzko.

Ukrainian journalist Oleh Romanchuk complained about occupation of media: "The so-called First National Channel - the movies on TV are stereotypes of Russia's thinking and the first victims are Ukrainian youngsters who do not know their way in history," he said.

Ukrainian military expert Valentyn Badrak specified that Russia in its ideological attack is performing glorification of Putin, spreads anti Ukrainian ideas of statehood collapse, demands federalization of Ukraine, introduction of Russian as the second language, etc. Badrak proposed to prohibit the activities of CIS Countries Institute (known for anti Ukrainian activities) and proclaim a number of Russian politicians personae non gratae - Konstantin Zatulin, Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy and others.

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