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 160 Dollar Gas is a Bait from Russia, Says Former Head of Foreign Affairs Ministry

Russia's offer of decreasing gas prices to $160 for cubic meter if Ukraine joins the Customs Union is politically motivated.

Such opinion was expressed by former Minister of Foreign Affairs Volodymyr Ohryzko on Era-FM, reports Gazeta.ua.

"It is another step that Moscow wants to take in the direction of closing the Ukrainian path towards European development. It is a purposeful campaign that has been going for several years. Remember that first Moscow did not like NATO (Ukraine's cooperation with it). They said that it is a threat to Moscow, that NATO troops will reach the borders of 'Holy Rus'. Regretfully, the talks ended with adoption of the non-block policy and the situation changed. Now they don't like the European integration. Moscow does not like the existence of Ukraine as an independent state and that is why various offers are voiced that are directed at depriving Ukraine of its sovereignty," he said.

According to Ohryzko, the price for gas will continue growing even after joining the Customs Union.

"This bait of 160 dollars - it is like cheese in a mousetrap. At first it will be 160, in 6 months - 180, and in a year it will reach 240 and we will have the same thing that Belarus and Kazakhstan now have. They are already starting to shout that they are being put into a stable and are forgetting their independence," noted Ohryzko.

Yesterday Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that joining the Customs Union will allow to decrease gas prices to $160 for cubic meter.

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