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 Moskal on Caravan Shooter: The Way Police is Looking for Him Can Go On for 10 Years With No Results

The first vice chairman of the Rada Committee on Organized Crime and Corruption Hennadiy Moskal called the actions of operatives looking for Caravan killer unprofessional.

"If a person is carrying bread and butter (in his hands) and does not even take a bag it means he lives somewhere close by. And that's how it turned out - he lived across the street with his wife, daughter, mother-in-law," said Moskal in an interview to Censor.NET. "What is the strong side of an operative? It's his skills to understand people, the ability to talk to them. But I guess they didn't have these skills in this case since nobody recognized the shooter."

"Let's go on. His neighbors in Lviv oblast recognized him and told his mother. I am sorry but if you already know his last name so why would do you show his apartment, his mother, his village and other things? Where will a man come for help? To his relatives. But they already showed all relatives on TV. This complete stupidity and unprofessional conduct. The way they are looking for him I think they will not find him before the elections," said Moskal.

"The main principle that shall be used is secrecy. If everybody knows everything, if they showed and told everything - they can be looking for him for 10 years and not find him," concluded he.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n219857