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 Pseudo Sociology Giving Incredible Ratings to Our Ukraine, Korolevska, and Lyashko is Crap, Says Haran

Professor of Politology of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Oleksiy Haran talks about sociology wars happening before every elections in Ukraine.

"We see that a lot of unknown companies appear that give unreasonably high ratings to Our Ukraine (Yushchenko), Korolevska, Lyashko... This is crap," he said in a commentary to Censor.NET.

"We have a sociology war. Before elections we get pseudo sociologists, some companies that nobody knows that provide ratings, substantially differring from those of well-known and respectable companies. This tendency is true in every election in Ukraine," he said.

"If we talk about the recent polls, including those that are voiced on talk shows, during the latest Shuster program I was very surprised to hear unknown sociological companies giving incredible ratings to Our Ukraine, Korolevska, and even some for Radical Party (Lyashko). In this case we are certainly dealing with pseudo sociology," noted the expert.

"At the same time Ukraine has a pool of centers, not a big one, but they have obtained respectable reputation and they have been working for over a decade. That is why I would put my trust into their numbers. This is Razumkov Center, KIIS (Kiev International Institute of Sociology) and not some unknown pseudo companies that appear before elections as though mushrooms after the rain," concluded Haran.
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