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 The Party of Regions Names People Who Can Substitute Yanukovych: Kolesnikov, Klyuyev...

Regions deputy Olena Bondarenko does not agree that Tymosheno has no competitors as a charismatic woman politician.

Commenting on Yatsenyuk's opinion she said: "As to the gender question, I would like to say one thing. If it were important for me what Arseniy Yatsenyuk says as a man... Well, it is not since I do not see him as a man. How can I be offended by an opinion of a man who is not an example for me," she said.

"A real man would not say that. His political power has beautiful, smart, strong women who you can work with. If he does not notice them it is a pity for this political power," added the deputy.

Answering the question of when the Party of Regions will nominate a woman candidate Bondarenko said "When I grow up."

When asked if Yanukovych can be replaced as a leader, she called the question provocative. "Take any political power, who can substitute their leaders. We have many of those: Kolsesnikov, Klyuyev, Boyko."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n219563