Ukrainians are up for Another "Improvement" - Tariffs for Water and Heating are to be Raised

Current tariffs on housing and community amenities are not economically feasible, notes the head of the National Commission on State Regulation in the Field of Housing and Community Amenities Valeriy Saratov.

According to TSN, Saratov stated that the tariffs on water supply and disposal cover only 69% of the production cost. The situation with heating tariffs is not much better - they cover 74%. The situation is the result of increasing prices for tariff composites, noted Saratov. Due to the fact, the National Commission on Services decided to recalculate the tariffs on housing and community amenities and make economically feasible.

"The tariff increase is possibly only if the population's ability to pay them grows or there have to be government programs of social help," stressed Saratov.

Recently, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast council addressed the Cabinet of Ministers requesting to decrease the electricity tariffs.

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