Two Drunk Hoodums Beat Up a Pregnant Woman with a Metal Chain

On the night of September 21 two men, aged 28 and 42, beat up a pregnant woman in Odessa.

The men were driving around the city in a car. 42-year-old Valeriy, being very drunk, asked his friend, 28-year-old Serhiy to stop the car so he could buy cigarettes. For some reason he took a metal chain with him, reports048.ua.

At that time three young women were passing by. Serhiy got out of the car, too. He and Valeriy started calling names, attacking them and when the girls started to run away they ran after them. Valeriy started swinging the chain and hit one girl on the arm and the belly. The girl was preparing to become a mother in a few months.

The girls called their friends and when they came they jumped in their car and locked the doors. The drunk men started attacking the car swinging the chain and waving a traumatic gun.

Officers of the special police unit Berkut came and detained the men. The strike with the chain was fatal - the woman was hospitalized and lost the child.

At first the court ruled to keep them in jail for 10 days but later they were released on recognizance not to leave the city.

Odessa police press service confirmed the information. It informed that a criminal case was opened in accordance with part 4, article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - disorderly conduct with audacity and cynicism conducted by a group of people with the use of a firearm and with subject fit or previously prepared for causing bodily harm.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n219427