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 Opposition Candidate Leaves Ukraine Due to Regime's Terror

Batkivshyna United opposition party claims that one of the plurality candidates had been terrorised by the regime, namely threatened arrest and fake criminal cases.

According to the BYuT press service, opposition candidate in district #132 Arkadiy Kornatskyy had to leave Ukraine on October 1.

The press service notes that the candidate was leading in the district and had a all the chances of winning: "We have no doubt that due to his high ratings the regime's repression machine was put into action."

Pressure on Kornatskyy has been non-stop during the election campaign.

The information about plans to arrest him was obtained by his lawyers after receiving questioning summons to the Kiev oblast persecutor's office on October 1, at 3 p.m., and to Pervomaysk, Mykolayiv oblast, police department at 11 a.m. on the same day.

Since it is practically impossible to go to two places within four hours, Kornatskyy would have to miss one of the questionings and would then be forcefully delivered to court.

Previously the head of Kornatskyy election HQ was arrested through the same scenario. She has spent the last three month in Pre-Trial Detention Center on trumped up charges.

The opposition demands the regime to immediately cease persecution of Arkadiy Kornatskyy.

We understand that the regime discredited throughout the world has no other means to save itself besides persecution of its political opponents. But we address the executioners of these illegal orders to remind them that the responsibility for unlawful actions will come."

Batkivschyna would like to express words of support to Arkadiy Kornatskyy and call on people to vote for him despite his temporary absence.

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