Hrytsenko: Treasury Accounts Are Empty. Collapse Will be Felt by the Whole Country

Empty Treasury accounts, growing Pension Fund deficit, inaccessibility of international loans and imminent drop of hryvnia - this is the result of Yanukovych's government that pushed the regime into a dead end.

One of the opposition leaders Anatoliy Hrytsenko said in Odessa: "Unlike other presidents, Yanukovych behaved in a way that left him no room for maneuver. He quarreled with everyone - North, South, East, and West. Nobody wants to give him money. IMF, the World Bank, the European Bank do not want to deal with Yanukovych, they do not want to take risks. China loans money but under their conditions it is better to avoid them. Russia gives them sometimes - for their own gas and under the conditions that if you take 2 billion you return 3.5."

He reminded that in February Yanukovych declared economic boom and started giving out 100-200 UAH to people before the elections. It was about 30 billions, but the budget does not have money like that.

"Right now the treasury accounts are empty - zero or negative. The payouts to local self-government are frozen, only the salaries are paid. They hardly make ends meet," said the politician.

Hrytsenko said that hryvnia is artificially nominated before the elections. Then the drop is imminent. The only question is how deep will it be?"

"As a citizen I am not happy about it. It is not a matter of power and opposition. It is a disaster for the whole country. And this government does nothing to stop it," said Hrytsenko.

He noted that one of the first matters that have to be considered by the new parliament will be the budget. Hrytsenko called the present document a meaningless document of the government that has its bags packed."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n219343