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 The Ruling Party Praises Yushchenko, Klitschko, and Korolevska: The People Like New Projects

Pro-government majority decreased the number parliamentary sessions in order to minimize the opposition speeches.

In an interview to Censor.NET, the vice head of the Regions faction Mykhaylo Chechetov said: "We set this session formula in order not to let the opposition the floor for campaigning... This is an expensive venue - campaigning for government cost using the Rada podium. There is a law on elections - you pay and you can give speeches in magazines, newspapers, on TV. But we will not let them do it here. We will not let them destabilize the political situation," noted Chechetov.

The deputy also denied allegations that the Defamation Law was used to distract people from election fraud preparations, particulalrly forming the electoral commissions from the Party of Regions and frontmen.

"In regard to forming the electoral commissions - the Law on Elections was not passed by the Party of Regions. All political powers passed it together. And we act within the framework of this law. And it is hard to tell that some party is for somebody. Who is Yushchenko for? Who is Tyagnybok for? His is a nationalist. We have completely different ideologies with them. Klitshchko has his own ideology. They have their segment of voters - from 19 to 29 years old. Young people see a good-looking strong man, an athlete. And they are drawn to him. There is Natasha Korolevska who draws businessmen and enterpreneurs. The communists have their constituents - the elderly. Yushchenko - his voters are people with a set world view who think that the Orange Revolution was betrayed by BYuT: Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, Hrytsenko. You need to give Yushchenko some credit - he did not give up his principles. He was set on the idea of forming Ukrainian spirituality and he still is," stated Chechetov.

Commenting on whether the Party of Regions respects Yuschenko, Chechetov said: "We respect everybody. But we will never respect the people who go abroad, kneel and lick the heels of the boots of foreign politicians begging for sanctions against their own country."

Chechetov also noted that he is confident that Korolevska's Ukraine Ahead! is a front. "People want new things. Who was standing by Yushchenko's side? Turchynov, Hrytsenko. They betrayed Yushchenko later... They betray and try to crawl into the parliament. The same "orange" deck is being shuffled again. The same personas. People are tired of this. That is why they are drawn to new projects."

Replying to the fact that the Party of Regions is also shuffling the same deck, he said: "We have our constituents that believe our political force. The number of our supportes grows. And on 28 (of October - election day) you will see how we win - elegantly, gracefully and with a huge lead."

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