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 Security Guards Will Be Allowed to Use Force and Special Means Against Perpetrators

Starting October 18, the Law on Security Activities comes into effect. It will allow security guards to use force and even special means against visitors.

According to NBN, the law states: "Security personnel on duty has the right to use force, special means and service dogs."

Also the document notes that the guards can openly conduct video and photo recording of the events. However, according to the law, these actions can be performed in special cases "if other measures did not result in stopping thу enroachments against the guarded object."

An important thing is also the definition of the detainment status. The lawmakers define the detainment as not being administrative which does away with numerous collisions and inconsistencies. Also the document states that in case of inflicting physical injuries to the perpetrator, the security shall call for medical assistance. The personnel shall report all offences to the law enforcement agencies.

Under the present legislation the security guards are prohibited from detaining visitors, taking them to any rooms, using force, searching, etc. The actions are permitted only for the emplyees of the State Security Service.

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