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 Surviving Traffic Policeman Confirms Caravan Killer Being a Member of Dikayev Gang - These Things are Hard to Forget

Traffic policeman Leonid Balytskiy, the lone survivor of the shoot out with Dikayev gang near Odessa on September 29, 2011 is the only person alive who saw the gang members in person.

"I talked with Dikayev personally," says Leonid. "A nice, smiling young man. I saw his friens, too. The one they call Shemetyankov was in the back-seat. He was polite and calm."

"When I saw the picture from the store I said right away: he does look like him but it's not him. But when I saw the video from the security room something clicked. Things like that are hard to forget. And hard to mistake," says the former policeman.

Leonid is confident that it was the same person as on Kherson-Odessa highway a year ago. A high class professional.

"You know, in 19 years on the force I saw many things. I see the tension in a driver and passengers right away but he was calm and indifferent to the end. And then - a shot! He killed my partner, Sasha with an automatic through window. Nobode felt any tension or a threat before that. Nobody was ready. When Dikayev threw a grenade that guy jumped out of the car with an automatic. I clearly remember his movements, his face expression and other things. And I saw these things again in the Caravan suveilance video", says Balitskiy.

In that shoot out last year Shemyatenkov shot 30 bullets with 17 hitting the target. Experts say that this kind of accuracy is seen only in movies.

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