Azarov Decreed to Repress any Calls of Overthrowing Power

The Cabinet of Ministers has instructed the SBU, MVD, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergencies, and State TV and Radio to take measures on discovery and repression of distribution of materials calling to overthrow the government and performance of terrorist attacks.

The press service has distributed the corresponding decree # 672-r of September 12, reports Censor.NET.

"With the purpose of increasing the legal consciousness and population's awareness regarding the matters of preventing and repressing terrorist activities, the SBU, MVD, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergencies, and State TV and Radio and other subjects directly fighting terrorism, and subjects who, according to the legislation, are attracted for fighting terrorism are instructed to provide timely discover and repress any distribution of materials with calls to violent overthrow of the government, attempts on territory unity and integrity of Ukraine, inflamating national, racial or religious hatred, performance of terrorist attacks, actions that threaten civil order as well as materials that propagate racial, national or religious discrimination," says the statement.

Moreover, the government instructed to inform the population about solved terrorism cases, their dangerous character, and the responsibility for them in accordance with the legislation as well as holding of the anti-terrorist training and their results including the attraction of mass media.

The government also instructed the above mentioned bodies to provide the media coverage of the realization of government policy in the field of fighting terrorism to form a negative attitude towards terrorist activities in all its forms and displays.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n217669