Ukrainian Politics

 The US Insists on Tymoshenko's Release

The United States insist that former Prime Minister Yulia Tymooshenko be released and express their concern regarding the situation with the TVi channel.

Ukrainian News reports that the US ambassador John Tefft told the press that the United States position regarding selective justice remains the same. "We constantly repeat that Tymoshenko has to be freed".

Moreover, Tefft noted that the US will do everything it can to ensure fair and honest elections.

According to him, the US is receiving reports on the election campaign from different regions and it also cooperates with international organizations conducting observative mission in Ukraine to make sure that it keeps a finger on the pulse of the campaign and ensure the opposition's access to the media.

Tefft also noted that "we express our concern regarding various events (in Ukraine), for instance we keep a watchful eye on the situation with TVi".

He also added that the embassy maintains communication with Ukrainian authorities.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n217219