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 The Party of Regions Receives the Majority in all 225 District Commissions of Ukraine

Technical parties conducted large scale replacements of their representatives in district election commissions. These include the Brotherhood, Anarchy Union, Peoples-Labor Union of Ukraine, Unitary Rus, Russian Unity, etc.

According to a source of Censor.NET, these parties have changed most of their representatives in district commissions all over Ukraine. According to the Central Election Commission database obtained by Censor.NET, 211-226 of the district commission members were replaced in these parties. The parliamentary parties changed their members within the norm - 18-30 people while the technical ones did it en masse. The dummy figures were switched for people loyal to the regime.

According to the information of Censor.NET, in two weeks over 1,750 members of all 225 district commissions in Ukraine were replaced. Overall 35% of the members were suddenly changed. It is safe to assume that he unknown small parties have passed their quotes to the ruling party.

Thus, owing to the representation of pro government coalition parties (the People's Party, the Communist Party and the Party of Regions) the regime has the majority in all district election commissions.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n217097