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 Regions Deputy: I will Testify that Scherban did not Call Tymoshenko the Assassination Contractor

Party of Regions deputy Yuriy Boldyrev says that he did not hear Yulia Tymoshenko's name among the contractors for Scherban assassination.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, Boldyrev said that "I will testify that I did not hear Tymoshenko's name from Scherban. He told me: "They have already decided everything" meaning that they will kill him. I asked him "who they?". "Lazarenko", he answered".

"Scherban thought that the murder of Ahat Bragin (one of the influential criminals in Donetsk region) was ordered by Lazarenko and that he will be next. Scherban told me about it in Fall of 95 and in Fall of 96 he was murdered, but I did not hear Tymoshenko's name in this context", said the deputy.

In his turn, the former deputy Attorney General Nikolay Obihod noted that in case of Lazarenko's return to Ukraine after he is released from the US prison he will be arrested right in the airport.

When asked about the long expired limitation periods for economic crimes of Lazarenko, Obihod replied that "in regard to people who are wanted, the limitation period is suspended. If he is arrested then the term starts again".

Obihod also made it clear that Lazarenko could order crimes in Ukraine while being in the US. "I will not reveal everything I know but I don't think the expiration of validity period will ever happen in the Lazarenko case".

Boldyrev reminded that in assassination cases there are no limitation periods.

Earlier the Attorney General's Office promised to file charges against Tymoshenko for the murder of Yevgeniy Scherban who was gunned down by assassins in Donetsk airport on November 3 1996.

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