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 The Regions Fight over the Language Law: It Smells Like Soviet Times. There is no Common Sense in it...

One of the authors of the language law Segrey Kivalov thinks that the new draft of the bill on the basis of the language policy aims at destabilizing the language situation in the country.

In regard to the fact that the working group headed by Raisa Bogatyreva prepared a new draft of the language bill, Kivalov said: "Obviously the wounded pride of some of the members of the working group has clouded their common sense. I cannot understand why instead of developing amendments to the law on the Basics of the State Language Policy we suddenly get a new document claiming to be a bill. I cannot call it an innovation. It reeks of Soviet times and long-forgotten bureaucracy", said Kivalov.

In his opinion "everything is being done to drag it out and cloud the important language issue and leave political interest at the top".

"These propositions are in direct violation of the main rights and liberties of our citizens, the violation of the European Charter on Languages and a violation of the Constitution of Ukraine", said Kivalov.

"I will not comment every article of this text but I can say that it is aimed at destabilizing the language situation and it increases tension in the society while not resolving the language matter", he added.

According to Kivalov, "the common sense and lawfulness had nothing to do with that document. I think that such propositions have no chance of being passed by Verkhovna Rada".

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