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 Yuschenko told Akhmetov's Newspaper that He Believes in Yanukovych and Fair Elections

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko forecasts that there will be no major violations in the parliamentary elections.

The opinion was expressed by the ex-president in an interview to the Segodnya (Today) newspaper, reports Censor.NET.

"The authorities will most probably hold relatively fair elections to avoid rough political isolation", noted Yuschenko.

The main goal of the power in these elections is keeping the ability to form the majority and control local authorities.

All experts polled by the Democratic Initiatives fund say that fair elections are not possible.

Yuschenko's interview came out in the printed version of the Segodnya marked "Point of View". According to the newspaper, this means that the material is an advertisement. Yuschenko's press-secretary Irina Vannikova informed that the decision to place an interview was made because "it's elections time now".

The Segodnya newspaper is a part of SCM media holding. SCM belongs to Rinat Akhmetov.

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