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 The Accused in the Makar Case Changed His Testimony

Evgeniy Krasnoschek accused in Oksana Makar murder claims that he did not strangle the victim but Maksim Prisyazhnyuk did.

According to the lawyer of the victim's mother, Krasnoschek stated that he was strangling the victim to save her life and to make sure that Prisyazhnyuk and Pogosyan did not kill her" (the other accused). Krasnoshek claimed that he "purposefully did not stangle her heavily" and told the others that he killed her so they would not do it.

However, after the break Krasnoschek he changed his testimony and said that Prisyazhnyuk was the one who strangled the victim and not him. He also said that he took the blame becuse he was afriad of scary Prisyazhnyuk and he was afraid for his family.

"He is a lawyer and he knew what to do. That is why I followed his orders", said Krasnoschek in court.

Answering the judge's question about why he changed his testimony, Krasnoschek said that some man came to his cell and offered money to assume all guilt and that is when he understood that something was not right and decided to tell the truth.

In his turn, the lawyer of Prisyazhnyuk Anton Dolgov said that this is the first time he heard about it and he does not understand the motives.

"Krasnoschek changed his legend for the third time already but the pieces still don't fit together. He is saving his own skin and he is using any means for it. His testimony has no logic in it", said Dolgov.

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