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 Minister of Social Policy: Bread Prices in Ukraine May Hike

Due to a poor crop of food grain in Europe, the bread prices in Ukraine may hike, announced the Minister of Social Policy Sergey Tigipko.

"This year's crops are good - 45-46 million tons. It is a little less than last year but the grain is of good quality. 12 million tons are left from 2011", quotes the Minster Gazeta.ua.

The official also noted that prices for Ukrainian grain in Europe are growing and there will be attempts to raise them on the internal market. He assured that the government is doing everything it can for the prices on number one product to remain stable.

The first representative of the ruling party to mention the bread prices going up was Kharkov governor Mikhail Dobkin. He linked the price growth rather to fuel than bad crops.

Previously the authorities ascertained that despite poor crops bread will not become more expensive since the country has large stores from last year.

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