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 Kolesnichenko Says that in Kiev the Russian Language Became Regional Automatically

The Russian language already has a regional status in 11 oblast of Ukraine, in Crimea, Kiev, and Sevastopol.

Segodnya reports that one of the authors of the language law Vadim Kolesnichenko says that many politicians do not understand its essence. The Regions deputy reminds that in 2003 Rada adopted the law on ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages which states that 13 languages including Russian fall uder the Charter in Ukraine.

But the law did not define the scheme of how the Charter should be implemented, says Kolesnichenko. The language law did that: according to it, a language becomes regional in the territory where, in accordance with the 2001 Census, 10% of the population consider it native.

That means that Russian is already a regional language in 11 oblast, in Crimea, Kiev, and Sevastopol; the Crimean-Tatar language is regional in Crimea, Hungarian - in Zakarpatye and Romanian in Bukovina.

Moreover, these and other languages obtain regional status in cities, districts (rayons) and even villages where over 10% of the population consider them native. Thus, for example, Russian became regional in Alexandria of Kirovograd oblast while it did not become regional in the oblast itself. And in this case you do not need any decree of a local council and those that were or will be adopted only inform the population that Russian obtained official status in their region and the citizens can use it, says the deputy.

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