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 Opposition Gathered 20 Thousand Supporters in Kiev: I Love Ukrainian, Do not Break my Heart

Today, on the 24th of August the Batkivschyna United Opposition is celebrating the Independence Day of Ukraine.

The celebration was attended by numerous opposition leaders including Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Alexandr Turchinov, Anatoliy Gritsenko, Boris Tarasyuk, Grigoriy Nemyrya, Vyacheslav Kirilenko and many others.

BYUT press-service informed Censor.NET that the meeting which gathered over 20 thousand people has marched from Mykhaylivska square to Shevchenko park.

The majority of people were wearing vyshyvanka (Ukrainian national clothes). While marching the people were shouting slogans "Away with Regime!" and "Impeach the President!" and carrying banners reading "I love Ukrainian, do not break my heart". The opposition meeting is being escorted by the police.

Leaders of the opposition laid flowers to Mikhaylo Grushevskiy (the first President of Ukraine) monument. The youth wing of the opposition has unfolded the largest Ukrainian flag in front of the Shevchenko monument.

Opposition leader Alexander Turchinov noted that it is the largest flag in Ukraine and its size is 40 x 60 m (131 x 197 feet) with a total area of 2,400 sq. m (7,874 sq. feet). "It is not just a flag, it is a flag of our common victory", said Turchinov. The meeting was attended by the representative of the Ukraine Record Book who documented the record.

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