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 The Police did not let the Buses with Opposition Activists to go to Kiev

In Zaporozhye region the police does not let the buses with people go to Kiev to celebrate the Independence Day.

The chairman of Batkivschyna in Zaporozhye region, deputy Valeriy Krayniy informed that yesterday, at 9:00 p.m. the opposition representatives were planning to go to Kiev for the celebration. However, the local police stopped the buses and did not let people go to Kiev and take part in the 21st anniversary of Independence, informs BYUT press-service.

"When the people started getting on the buses, the traffic police came and said that the bus will not be let out of Zaporozhye region", said Krayniy.

Also according to the deputy, the motor carrier was told that if a single bus leaves the oblast the company's licence will be revoked.

"Off the record, the traffic police representatives said that even if we leave the oblast, there are road posts on all the ways leading to Kiev and we will be stuck anyway", the deputy told the press. Due to the situation we made a decision to gather in smaller groups and use regular cars to get to Kiev.

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