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 Party of Regions Media Consultant: Chechetov does Harm to the Party. He is Stupid. But it is not an Excuse.

One of the top media managers Alexey Mustafin who is consulting the Party of Regions has burst with criticism of the lead speaker of the party Mikhail Chechetov.

"I consult the Regions in terms of interaction with media. I talk to party representatives, to mass media representatives, help them to establish communication, and give advices", said Mustafin in an interview to Polittech. "Some things they listen to, some things they don't. The scope of consultant's responsibilities is clearly defined. The people who I consult have the political mandate and they make decisions".

Talking about the infamous Oleg Kalashnikov who attacked a journalist, Mustafin said, "They need to do everything to make sure there is not even a memory of him in the party. However, there is a more recent example - Chechetov. This man discredits the party more than himself. It is hard to discredit him, he probably doesn't even think about his reputation. He makes statements that go against the party's goals. He probably considers himself a great musical director (Chechetov commandeers the voting in parliament by gesturing with his hands). But you cannot direct and sing arias simultaneously. It would be hard even for people with high intellectual organization and Chechetov is not one of them. He does harm to the political power he represents. You can say he is stupid but it's not an excuse. I am not a member of the Party of Regions, I am not in its management to make decisions. Probably, the party sacrifices some media sense in favor of political sense. It's their choice."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n215465