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 None of the Oblasts Has Adopted a Decision to Make Russian their Regional Language, Says the Party of Regions

The local self-governing bodies have no right to adopt decisions on granting the Russian language the status of the regional one. These decisions can only be made by the central government.

According to Vadim Kolesnichenko, one of the authors of the language law, "none of the oblasts has adopted a decision to make Russian their regional language. The decisions regarding a language status cannot be made by any local self-governing bodies. This is the state's right. Local authorities have the right to inform the population or prepare the program for the implementation of the law".

Kolesnichenko also recommended to read the oblast councils' decision to confirm that they are just informing the population that in their territory such and such percent of the population knows Russian. "They deal with a necessity to prepare a program, resolve financing matters and its distribution between groups and classes in kindergartens and schools after the parents' decision on the language of education", noted the deputy.

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