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 Opposition Member Kuzhel: Buying the Hyundais is Treason!

Opposition candidate Alexandra Kuzhel held a press-conference in Donetsk yesterday where she compared the Regions with occupationists who made their ideologically close regions and political allies suffer the most.

As Gazeta.ua reports, she provided various examples of corruption and called Kolesnikov a traitor.

"When the Regions' ads talk about what they built, I say that it would be better if you didn't build. I flew here next to a foreign airport expert and he said that "the airports here were designed by grocery store construction workers. There is no logistics and Ukraine will be the first country in the world where airports go bankrupt." We come out onto the runway - there is only one plane. Kiev's terminal is completely empty. And how much money was stolen in the process? In road construction the kick back was 65%. Kolesnikov built the world's second most expensive stadium in Kiev but ask him if he even paid the construction workers?". Kuzhel says that the kick back in cement supplies was 30% and the builders took scum instead of adhesives.

"They bought Hyundais for 261 million and what?", continued Kuzhel, "It is not a purchase, it is a state treason, when you stop your own Lugansk Diesel Plant and buy Hyundais. A week ago Bogatyreva finally bought HIV and TB medicine. Europe is shouting: Ukrainians, you bought medicine at a price three times more than it is in Europe! In Melitopol mayor Sergey Valter has outdone Yanukovych - he has three felonies. And there was the first time I saw holes in asphalt covered by slabs. It turns out that the mayor owns a slab factory. I mean, how greedy for the budget money can you get?"

The opposition member also told about Crimea and Odessa suffering from the rule of the Party of Regions.

"All government posts in Crimea are taken by Donetsk people. Even the cemetery director in Simferopol is from Yenakiyevo (home town of Yanukovych). Crimeans have created partisan divisions to fight Donetsk occupation. I have never seen such hatred".

Kuzhel claims that Donetsk clan has taken away the Ayu-Dag mountain. "I filed a lawsuit against Yanukovych and his team that was alloted 11 thousand hectares of forests. The Bear Mountain (Ayu-Dag) does not belong to Crimeans any more, everything is fenced off. The Crimeans say "What happened? This is our forest. We pick mushrooms there!" and they hear: "Well, but we got you the Russian language".

Kuzhel also said that she is sorry for Lugansk and Zaporozhye oblast dwellers. She called Lugansk a province being ravaged by the Regions and Zaporozhye a territory occupied by the Regions members from Dnepropetrovsk.

At least the Regions deputies in Donetsk or Dnepropetrovsk live there. And they make their money there and try to do something for their cities. In Lugansk and Zaporozhye - they just wipe the cities out. The same way as occupationists who conquered a territory did.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n215439